Thursday, June 29, 2006

Why do successful managers make routine claims of hard-work?

Can we see a successful Business Manager, who does not claim that:
1. his/her success is due to extreme hardwork;
2. unshakable belief in oneself;
3. United States is a meritocracy; other coutnries are idiocratic;
4. his/her personality was shaped by his/her parents.

*There can be hundreds of reasons for failures or successes.
*Environment is one determinant.
*Successful Managers say that they could create favourable opportunities from an adverse environment.
*We may come across two types of situations:

--A situation where the dividing line between a grand success and a dismal failure is too thin.

e.g. A Presidential Candidate who loses by a narrow margin owing to last-minute change in the voters' outlook, for reasons beyond the candidate's control.

--A situation where the gap between efforts needed and efforts made is too wide. The situation may turn ugly when no attempts are not made to bridge the gap.

e.g. A Presidential Candidate did not meet even 1% of voters and fail to at least inform them about his/her candidature. He may have to make hectic efforts during the last leg to make good the gap. But, suppose that he just abandons his campaign and blames somebody else.

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